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Ivy is moving through the living room. The night is young but she has two things on her agenda for the night. Well three if the bottle of wine is anything to go by. She sets the bottle down and her book she plans on reading.

She is ready to flip the stereo on and settle on her couch when she nearly jumps out of skin at the horrible noise it makes. It hits just the right pitch that she is gripping her head close to where she suffers from those headaches she gets due to how she lost her eyesight.

"Oh hell," she hears and feels something warm press past her.


The horrible sound stops and she grab's his arm. "What the hell happened to my stereo," she grinds out.

"Well you see love... it's..." Doyle glances at her looking a bit embarrassed. He sees how uncomfortable the broken speakers made her and winces.

He better fix this. "It was an accident. I'll get it cleaned right up. Don't you worry about a thing."

Her mouth twitches in irritation but she holds her tongue. Which means it's going to be worse i it doesn't get fixed. She can really stew when she's pissed at someone.

He grabs her arm gently giving her his most charming smile. "Why don't you put your feet up? I'll take care of this."

She sighs a bit as he gets her over to the couch. "You better, mister."
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This trail was driving Ivy nuts. She knew with every fiber of her being the accused was guilty. She could tell by the evidence. She had been at this long enough to know when someone was guilty. But she knew it would be hard to do much of anything with Glenn as his defense.

She hated that Glenn was just as good as her. Better even because he had charm while she was more like an Ice Queen here.

That was what had her on her feet quick as she could for her next deflection. Did he just use Edward Nygma versus Gothan City, July 2002? Oh hell no.

"I object Your Honor. In that case it was thrown out latter as it turns out Mr Nygma was never a flight risk. The Court had every right to assume that Mr Whitaker was a flight risk while he continued to take his medication, which he has access to and has been reported as taking." Oh ex-hubby of hers do not make her forth with rage outside of court, she likes to keep her cool. She knows he will know he just got under her skin here.

Idea 1:

Apr. 3rd, 2011 08:25 pm
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I want to treat some of these plot ideas as fairly fluid. Some stuff can over lap, it happens in the comics after all.

1) Ivy Weaver returns from vacation. Give an over view of her career so far in Gotham. She is just recently becoming important enough for people to take notice of.

She and Jim Brooklyn have a lunch meeting. They start to talk about cases that are being sent her way. Don't have to be specific about this.

During this a friend from Ivy's past catches up with her. He is looking for help because his wife was murdered some time ago, more than six months, and he wants Ivy to see if the case could get reopened as it was an unsolved murder.

Ivy turns him away fearing abuse of power on her end.

2) A few days pass. Suddenly some cops and street level criminals are being found murdered rather viciously. Cops in the Gotham police department are on alert. They start to get more protective of their own.

Romy Chandler also takes notice of this. Starts looking into the death and finds them very unusual. To her it looks like a wild animal may have gotten to them. Evidence at that time points towards Man-Bat.
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1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?

Ivy Weaver

2. How old are you? When is your birthday?
27. November 17th.
3. Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are you patriotic?
Metropolis. I've lived in Gotham City since I was eighteen and yes I am.

4. Who are/were your parents? (Names, occupations, personalities, etc.)
Daniel and Ruth Weaver. My Dad works at a research lab my mother is a manager of a JCPenny's.

5. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?
No siblings sadly.
6. What is your occupation?
I'm an assistant district attorney for Gotham City.
7. How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
I'm five feet and six inches tall. I'm about one hundred and sixty five pounds.
8. What color is your hair? What color are your eyes?
Both are dark brown. I'm told my hair looks black.
9. What is your race?
10. To which social class do you belong?
Upper middle class.

11. Do you consider yourself to be attractive? Do others?
Yes and I think if people show an interest in me they must find me attractive.

12. What is your style of dress?
I wear suits generally. So long as it is suitable for work. I don't do business casual.

13. Do you have any scars? Tattoos? Birthmarks? Other unique physical features?
Some scars near my eyes from when I was blinded. I also have a scar on my knee from when I had a bad fall as a kid.

14. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
I'm blind.
15. Are you right- or left-handed?
Right handed.

16. What does your voice sound like?
I've been told I sound dry and stern unless I'm interested in someone. Then I think I sound a bit wistful and a little more soft.

Mostly I think I go between sounding smooth and dry and sounding a little bit more like a woman.

17. What kind of vocabulary do you use?
Highly educated and precises when I'm in the office. I talk more casually but use lawyer terminology in the court room to help keep the jury on the same level as me.

When I'm with my friends I use a bit of a mix between the two. I use my intelligence but I don't lord it over them.

18. List three quirks or other defining characteristics.
I'm a coffee addict.
I enjoy going to places that are more visual even though I'm blind.
I always tap my feet along with music.

19. How often do you bathe? Do you wear perfumes?
Every day and I don't wear perfume since it gives me migraines.

20. What kind of facial expression do you commonly wear (dour glare, wry smile, etc)?
I smile often. I'm also shy when I'm not working so I end to tilt my face away from people.

21. Do you use body language? How?
Yes. I try to look confident in how I carry myself.
22. Do you have a commonly used saying?
Not really no.


23. What is your earliest memory?
My Mother taking me to the park. It was sunny outside that day.

24. How much schooling have you had? Did you enjoy it?
I have gone to law school. You don't go that far if you don't enjoy it to some degree. I placed fourth in my graduating class.

25. Where did you learn most of your knowledge and skill?
College and the social worker who helped me learn to function as a blind person.
26. How would you describe your childhood in general?
Happy and fairly eventful. I did a great deal.

27. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a medical doctor.

28. When and with whom was your first kiss?
Jacob Wellings. He was very sweet. We went swimming at the local public pool and he had bought me a cold Dr Pepper.

29. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity?
No. My freshmen year of college. Paul Tucker. He was rather nice at the time. He made it special for me. If we had slept together again now I might think of him as average though.

30. Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? Does that affect you?
Not at all. Though many people in my family are lawyers.


31. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
The day I went blind.

32. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Rising to my current position as an ADA.

33. What is your greatest regret?
Not trying to get Bill to come home. I still loved him.

34. What is the most embarrassing or shameful thing ever to happen to you?
I have never really been that embarrassed. But I should have been when Bill left me. I did feel very bitter though.

35. Do you have any secrets? If so, what are they?
Yes, everyone does. I still think I love Bill. Even though he did walk out on me. Even though he made demands I couldn't get myself to meet.

36. What is the most evil thing you have ever done?
Most evil? I told my Mother I wasn't coming home again. I couldn't stand the idea of living wih her and Dad anymore.

37. When was the time you were the most frightened?
After Bethany died. I thought her husband was going to go off the deep end.

38. Have you ever traveled outside of your country? If so, to where?


39. What is your alignment?

40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?

41. Do you believe in a god? If so, which one and why?
Yes. Yahweh.

42. Do you believe in an afterlife?
That's complicated but I think heaven must be real.

43. What is your greatest fear?
Failing Gotham completely.

44. What makes you angry? Sad? Happy? Why?
Anger: Injustices.
Sad: When I can't succeed.
Happy: When someone changes.

I can't stand when something wrong happens. It really bothers me. So for me anger and sadness goes together.

When someone changes for the better that is golden though.

45. Do you think people are basically good or basically evil?
A little of both.

46. What are your views on politics? Religion? Sex?
I'm liberal and open minded about everything. Ideally though for sex you might want to be in love. Not necessary though.

47. What are your views on gambling, lying, theft, and killing?
Gambling in moderation is okay. Sometimes you have to lie and need to understand when it's okay.

Stealing is only okay if you ABSOLUTELY must; such as if you would otherwise die.

Killing in self defense s the only acceptable reason.

48. How far will you go to defend your beliefs?
I would die but would never ask another person to.

49. How much do you value money?
Not very much. It is a means to an end.

50. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?
Rape or otherwise go against someone's free will.

51. Do you believe in self-sacrifice for the greater good?
Yes. I'm like Spock that way. I think that's why I haven't gotten involved with another man seriously since Bill. It would hurt them if I did since my work for the city comes first.

52. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?
Yes. But it can happen more than once.

53. Are you superstitious?
Not especially.

54. How much do you respect the beliefs and opinions of others?
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs so long as it doesn't hurt the whole of society.

55. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings?
I wear my heart on my sleeve and keep my true thoughts fairly private.

56. Do you have any biases or prejudices?
I distrust vigilantes. They have no oversight.

Dealing With Others

57. Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
Jim. He's my only friend right now.

58. Who is the person you respect the most? Despise the most? Why?
My Father. He inspired me to be myself.

I hate the Joker and you're a moron if you need to ask WHY.

59. Do you have a significant other? Who?
Not anymore.

60. Do you have a lot of friends? Who is your best friend?
No. Jim is.

61. How do you relate to members of the same race? Class? Sex?
Race doesn't matter. I don't like people who think money matters.

Other women are okay. I just don't like pecking orders.

62. How do you relate to members of a different race? Class? Sex?
Race doesn't matter and neither does money. Men are okay. I get really flustered around men I'm actually attracted to.

63. Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.
Yes. We got married. It didn't work out. He thought I should go into a private practice for my own safety. That was one of the reasons it just... failed.

He walked out.

64. What do you look for in a potential lover?
Someone who will let me be myself. Also I like big hands.

65. How close are you to your family?
Not very.

66. Do you want a marriage, family, and/or children?
I might want to get married again if I meet the right man. I also would enjoy having children. Again. With the right man.

67. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
I have mentioned I'm a lawyer, right?

68. Are you a listener or a talker?

69. How long does it usually take for you to trust others?
A few weeks.

70. Do you hold grudges?
Yes actually.

71. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?
It depends on the place.

72. Do you like interacting with large groups of people?
Unless it's in work not really.

73. How well do you express yourself?
Pretty well.

74. How quickly do you judge others?
Often it takes me weeks to fully form an opinion. Unless I have full files on them and everything they did.

75. Do you care what others think of you?
I want them to know I'm trying to do the right thing and that I'm not a hero.

76. Do you have any enemies? How or why are they your enemy?.
Probably, I'm a lawyer with the DA's office in Gotham City. Someone isn't going to like me.

Personal Taste and Opinions

77. What is your favorite pastime? Color? Food? Possession?
I like reading books in braille or listening to books on tape.

I like blue. Does coffee count as food?

I like Cedric my dog the best.

78. What are your preferences in arts and/or entertainment?
I like listening to Jazz.

79. Do you smoke, drink, go whoring, or use drugs? Why or why not?
I drink coffee. My drug of choice really.

80. How do you spend a typical Saturday night?
At home alone resting. Or at a charity event trying to help encourage community action.

81. What is your most cherished fantasy?
Coming home and having someone who wants to be there for me.

82. How long is your attention span?
Oh very VERY long.

83. Do you laugh a lot? What do you find funny?
Frequently. Satire gets me going.

84. Is there anything that shocks or offends you? If so, what?
The disregard people have for how hard the cops work and how much things have really changed in Gotham. That really get me pretty upset. People like me have sacrificed a lot to try and be part of the solution and people mock us.

85. How do you deal with stress?
I listen to music or drink coffee.

86. How much athletic ability do you have? Artistic?
I can jog briskly if I have to. My lack of eyesight is very limiting you know.

87. Do you like animals? Do you like children?
Yes to both.

88. Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?
I prefer to have a plan.

89. What are your pet peeves?
I don't like cat people. Nor do I like it when people groom in public.


90. What is your greatest strength as a person? Weakness?
I'm really stubborn. I also ignore my own personal safety frequently if I can help someone.

91. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I wish I could compromise better.

92. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?

93. Do you like yourself?
I think I can be pretty awful but I still like myself.

94. Do you have a daily routine? How do you feel if your day is interrupted?
Yes and I get grouchy as hell.

95. What goal do you most want to accomplish in the next six months? Your lifetime?
I want to try and get the crime rate down five percent.

I want people to feel safe in Gotham.

96. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Still in the DA's office. One day the DA and maybe one day I'll teach at a law school. During that I want to get married and have kids.
97. If you could choose, how would you want to die?
In my sleep.

98. What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for after your death?
Trying to do the right thing.

99. What three words would you use to best describe your personality?
Stubborn, grim, and patient.

100. What three words would others probably use to describe you?
Intense, stern, and idealistic.

101. Why are you risking your life to adventure?
This is not an adventure.
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This will be for [ profile] dc_nation since I will be sending Ivy over there once Blackest Night has been wrapped up. I decided writing out her history that I will be using there will be a good thing to do.

I'll be editing and going through this quite a bit until after Blackest Night.

Ivy is the daughter of Doctor Daniel Weaver and his wife Ruth Weaver. Ruth was not able to have anymore children after Ivy so she focused a great deal of her energy on Ivy. Ruth also had a very loud forceful personality while Daniel was a quite thoughtful man.

Though he did have a rebellious streak. Most people in the extended Weaver family are lawyers; he is not one he is a chemist at a small research firm based out in Metropolis. He would only complain that STAR labs got the better and more interesting work since they were better funded.

While Daniel was from a very firm Roman Catholic background Ruth's family came from Louisiana and she was a Reform Jew though did not really participate actively in her faith and was okay with Daniel bringing Ivy with him to church on Sundays as she was growing up.

Ivy was very bright. She like her father had an interest in science at an early age. He encouraged it in his own way by bringing her to work when he could. When she was sixteen she was with him at work when there was an accident in one of the labs that wasn't supposed to be use. That was how Ivy lost her eyesight and she was put into a coma for four days.

She sank into a depression due to the loss of her eyesight. Her father almost fell into the bottle due to his sense of guilt over what happened to his only child and her mother did her best to hold them all together. Ivy kept pushing between not reacting at all and pushing them away not wanting to feel suffocated. It became worse for her when both of her parents became very clingy not wanting to see her hurt and seeing her as helpless rather than capable of being capable.

That is what drove her to recover. She taught herself braille and how to use a white stick quickly wanting to just get away as fast as she could. She felt too smothered by everyone around her and so when she applied to the University of Gotham and got in she was just over joyed; she could get away and be her own person. Her Father's uncle offered to help pay her way through school so long as she at least checked in with him on occasion since he was a long time Gotham resident.

It was also dear Uncle Alex that encouraged her to try out a pre-law class. It was also him that helped her find an apartment with a room mate. He pulled strings to make sure she was a nurse without letting Ivy know out of concern that she might not take care of herself well enough without someone logical and reasonable about.

Bethany became Ivy's best friend. While Ivy wasn't in class or studying they would frequently go out for coffee or go shopping. They also frequently went on double dates since Ivy was very shy and Bethany knew just when to bail her out. But eventually Bethany fell in love and got engaged while Ivy's uncle Alex got very sick. It wasn't what Ivy wanted but she got talked into looking after him by family members who didn't live in town and since the lease on her apartment was up she moved into his guest room and started keeping an eye on things.

That was around the time she met Bill. He was a cop and was very charming. He also helped her with her Uncle when he was too much to handle for one person. They had a brief courtship and a fast marriage. Once Ivy was out of law school and practicing law working in the District Attorney's office in a low level position. That was when their marriage started to go sour. Bill thought she should work for a firm because it was safer.

They argued and fought a lot before their marriage fell down around their ears. The last straw was after her uncle passed away and she had one final argument with Bill. He walked out on her and she threw herself into her work while they divorced. She also made certain to go back to her maiden name feeling very bitter about the divorce still. That was the year she started to get ahead in the DA's office.

Two years latter she ended up having to hire Jim Brooklyn to help her with her paperwork. Six months latter she was one of the most well known hot-shot Assistant District Attorney's in Gotham. Three months into that period her friend Bethany died during a car jacking.
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This was not going to be the easiest thing she had ever done. But she had been asked to do this because of the District Attorney. Ivy is many things after all. he is young and idealistic. She is also very brave and no one can deny that fact. She has a mind like a steal trap locking onto things that few others would. She had the makings of an excellent lawyer.

They wanted to see though how she would deal with the more dangerous persons in Gotham City. It wasn't just for that reason though that she was asked to go interview one Jonathan Crane, known as the Scarecrow. She was asked because they were trying to uncover the full details of the latest crimes that the police suspected him of doing and he had clamed up with every single cop that had tried talking to him and the psychologist couldn't even get him to breath a word.

So she dressed primly in a dark suit with a crisp white shirt. She left her almost but not que black hair loose and sat waiting for him to be brought in. The one thing that would set her part was her dark sun glasses. The guards hadn't wanted her to have her white stick 'just in case'.
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The trial had been very heated. It was rare to find such fierce competition in the court room for someone like Two-Face. Ivy insisted on calling him Harvey Dent. That didn't mean the papers didn't call him what she called him. She liked to identify them as a person rather than as the manifestation of their illness. Harvey wasn't what anyone would call sane after all.

And hearing his lawyer pick up on that. Try to weaken her stance that Harvey needed to go back to Arkham because Blackgate was what Harvey wanted this time for reasons Ivy didn't want to think on.

The lawyer said he believed in Harvey Dent. That struck a different cord within her.

She stood up cane in hand and turned to the jury. They felt nervous about this. So she smiles kindly at them. Everyone likes a pretty young woman she has found. It sets them at ease.

"Well frankly? I don't believe in Harvey Dent." She lets that sink in.

"You've seen and heard the evidence. And I'm sorry to say we are all biased in some form or another by Harvey Dent's infamous career. Which is a shame." She shakes her head sadly.

"I wish we could be fair. This is as fair as we can get. But let's try to be for a minute ladies and gentlemen, shall we? Pretend you never heard the name Two-Face. Now imagine someone else doing this. Imagine if you will someone going into a jewelry store."

She had heard hints that it had mafia connections. That perhaps this was why Harvey had flipped a coin to decide on his actions.

"Mister Dent confessed to flipping a coin before he walked in there with his men. To decide if he was going to threaten everyone in there or not. Now, that isn't so bad, is it? A fifty/fifty chance to start. Either you do something like that.... or you don't.

What followed though is worse though. Every time a coin is flipped the probability changes. The chances get narrower. He saw there were customers. Yet he still flipped a coin. And he is educated enough to know that the chances were going down. Further and further to if he was going to shoot or not. And he did shoot the employees. It was not in their favor. He knew that and could have stopped. Yet every time he was left with two choices he confessed he had to do it. He claimed he couldn't stop himself. You and I and everyone else heard him ladies and gentlemen of the jury. So I ask you, don't believe in Harvey Dent.

He is not well. Our only hope for us and for him is to send him back to Arkham. Where they can help him. Maybe one day in the future you and I can believe in him and his hopeful recovery but not today, please not today."

If Harvey wasn't insane Ivy would have crusaded for him to go to Blackgate or anywhere else but Arkham she thought grimly. It wasn't the best place to go really but it was safe enough and recived fairly decent funding. She felt bad for not saying she believed in him. She had faith that if he stayed in Arkham and got proper treatment he could get better. She honestly didn't believe that he was a bad person just very ill. He needed their help and not their scorn even if she still found some of the past cases very chilling. At least she thought though that this would never turn into a death penalty case as it wasn't constitutional in the state of New Jersey, she did not think that Harvey deserved that fate. Now there were a few others she could argue for that being the fate they deserved but she wasn't sure it was something she had the right to decide.

Even when the public bayed for vengeance. No they had to take the moral high ground. These people deserved their help not their righteously angry 'justice'. Which was why she was secretly thankful that the Batman and his ilk never went too far even when some thought it would be okay if they did, Ivy certainly didn't and wasn't even sure that the masked vigilantes should even operate in Gotham. Though she couldn't and wouldn't deny that somehow they made things almost safer.
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Ivy hadn't claimed to ever be in love. She hadn't talked about the idea of her, Ivy Weaver college student falling for just any guy. Or girl she recognized the fact that she was young and it was okay to experiment even though she had been raised Catholic. She just wouldn't lead anyone on. It was as simple as that really.

She did not expect him though. She met him when she was twenty-two. They had similar friends but he was older. He caught her when she slipped on some ice out side of Arkham Hall at the University. His hands had felt very warm when they were buried against her coat for that brief minute as he helped her right herself. Then she found herself agreeing to go out for coffee, she really liked coffee.

They hit it off. He was about to join the police force. She wanted to be a lawyer. He thought she would be great at it and she thought he was brave, everyone knew the stories about the Gotham PD after all even if things were changing.

They danced around their feelings for a long time before they decided to move in together. He was finally on the force and she was going through law school. They were both very happy and Ivy thought the future looked bright. A year before she would take the bar exam he asked her to marry him. She was stunned but agreed and he tossed her over his shoulder and she giggled as they disappeared into their bedroom to celebrate.

They married and he kept her from crawling up the walls as she studied for her bar exam. He did so by giving her lots of back rubs when he was home. And called her whenever he had a break. She always found herself smiling with glee whenever she heard his soft but firm voice.

She passed and eventually found herself working for the District Attorney's office. It had been her dream since before she met him. Before she fell in love and was happy with everything. He became unhappy. He remembered Harvey Dent. All he could see was how idealistic his pretty wife was and how hard and far she could and would fall. No one could work and live in Gotham unchanged. So he tried to talk her into quitting. Talked about them having children. Moving to a different city, a different state.

Anything to save her. He would transfer anywhere to protect her. But how does one protect someone who doesn't believe they need protecting? There is no way. She got mad and stood firm. She wouldn't leave Gotham. She was in love with the city. She wanted to save it. Like a knight crusader only a little tarnished from wear and tear; she knew she wasn't perfect after all. All Bill her wonderfully protective husband could see though was a damsel in distress lost in the woods.

She refused to leave the forest. Didn't want to abandon Gotham. So he who thought he was the knight crusader trying to save something precious did the one thing heroes should never do if they want to stay to the end of the story and to grow old with the person they loved. He took a transfer and walked out.

Ivy didn't understand she didn't see he was trying to protect her. She was hurt though deeply by his sudden departure. So she did a perfectly reasonable thing and threw herself into her work. She stopped talking to their friends who thought she was crazy for not going after him and she cried a little over a broken heart. It took her six months to decide to send him the divorce papers; he left her first after all but she would make him hurt right back she had every right to feel petty and angry she was injured first.

They still talked after that. It was self-destructive at best and bitter sweet at worst. They were both stupidly in love still and they both knew it. The last nail in the coffin though was when Bill got drunk and slept with a teacher in the town he was working in. Ivy was mad and jealous. Even more so when she found out there was going to be a child and all Ivy had was her work and empty coffee mugs all over her apartment.

"I don't hate you," she told him finally over the phone. "I just can't stand who we've become. Good bye Bill."

And she hung up on him and walked away for the last time. It hurt less to just end it after all.
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This wasn't going to be like a cheesy movie. It was just the sort of thing that happened one day. Carol was moving out west because she got a new job and her father needed her. Ivy would miss the older woman who didn't bat an eye at anything that happened in the Gotham City District Attorney's office.

Of course Ivy was just the Assistant District Attorney. It was a big deal for her but a highly stressful job. She had tried to let Carol talk her into switching to tea but every murder case that she had to cope with that should have chilled her blood had her going straight for the coffee like a life line.

Today she was going to be meeting her newest secretary. This was going to be an adventure at least. She smoothed her suit jacket out slightly as she stepped off the elevator and the heels of her shoes made a delightfully soft clicking sound as she made her way down to her office and went in to start getting ready for the work day.

Whoever they were sending her way should be here soon enough. She faintly recalled that this man used to work with the Austin police department. She hoped they didn't have a heavy Texan accent. That would be a pity.
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This was unexpected it really was. Ivy ended up taking a train to New York during the week to start looking into a cold case. She knew this was out of her jurisdiction but because of the connections the case wouldn't even make it to court. It made the lawyer sad really.

The killings had never been answered for. Six families dead. They sounded like mob hits to her and she thought it was an out of towner that did it. After all the killings may have been brutal but they were also clean. That pointed towards a few people Ivy was aware of that were in the mob but no one could ever really pin anything on them. They were too well connected after all.

That was why she was in New York. She was looking into getting a meeting with someone who had been involved with an old school mob hit man years and years ago. She had found the woman's name in some files that indicated this woman had been in Gotham around the same time as the killings occurred and had fled town after that.

She did know who to go talk to about this though. A fellow lawyer who had worked for this Ms Daisy. It had been over some kind of harassment case. Ivy didn't have all the details. She just knew that Ms Daisy had been an innocent woman with terrible luck. Now all she had to do was speak to the other blind lawyer in the tri-state area.
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Ask me four questions.

I will do the best to tell the truth.
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She locked her door after she got in. Then put in the new security code. Her job had gotten just a little more interesting a few weeks ago so she had everything updated. She hangs her coat up and continues to argue with someone at the office over her cell phone. She sounds furious with how willing they are to bend to get someone more dangerous put away in prison.

"Look! I. Don't. Care. He's a murderer and just as bad as the man we're going after. We don't compromise with scum," she said firmly. "We'll get both of them. You just need to trust me, Clarkson."

She listens and smirks as she reaches up and starts to undo her hair from the tight bun as she starts to go towards a table and sits. The clip gets set down ad then the pins as her hair slips back out of place. She rubs her scalp as she listens to the other lawyer. "Okay. But you know I'm right. I'll speak with the detectives in the morning and we'll get just what we need."

She listens then pulls the phone away from her ear and shuts it. She groaned and rolled her shoulders while pulling her hand out of her hair. That was when she noticed the atmosphere in her home felt different. She shifted nervously and grabbed her cane and got up and began to roam with her cane gripped like a weapon.

It had been over three months since she had last been around Altair. She had forgotten what his presence had been like in her home. So she was honestly afraid of what might be lurking in her home. She didn't call out as she began to search her home for the intruder. Everything was far too quite so she bit her lower lip as she listened and started to check everything in the darkened house.
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Ivy dreaded this day every year ever since she moved out. Without fail every year her dear sweet ever loving mother did something to make Ivy blush. The woman was convinced that no matter how independent Ivy was that her daughter obviously needed a man and saw it as her duty to help Ivy. This had of course ended badly for Ivy every single time and she was almost always mortified by her mother.

Her father made up for that he would send something else to make up for Ivy's embarrassment. This year Ivy was just a little afraid to open the package from her parents. It felt a little heavier than normal and Ivy was just afraid of what would be in that box. She worried that her father had to go all out this time to make up for whatever her Mother did now just because the box felt so heavy to her.

At least she had cake! Someone had been nice and sent her one. That didn't exactly help. For some reason it felt weird to realize she was twenty five years old today. She wasn't a very vain person when it came to such things but it was something to think about. She was still young and would be entering the court room come January as a young Assistant District Attorney. It made her a little nervous so she forgot about the cake and and the box and started to ace back and fourth.

She would fret over what mother did this time after she calmed down.
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Ivy Weaver

Age: 22

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weght: 149lbs

Job: Law Student

Apperances: A dark haired and dark eyed young woman. She tends to wear sunglasses and is often seen leaning on what is called a white stick. She likes wearing jackets. Some are dark. One or two of them are a bright viberant blue. She other wise tends to dress in nuteral tones of black of brown, sometimes mixing green into her wardrobe. She almost ALWAYS wears a dark pair of sunglasses to hide any scarring near her eyes from the accident that caused her to go blind. Having them removed by someone is humiliating for Ivy.

Personality: She is a pretty friendly person. She trusts most people she meets and tries to be very honest with them. It's in the hope that they do the same with her. She tries to not be judgemental. And will often wait until all facts are preseted to her before she fully comits to anything. She tends to be very formal with her way of speaking to people. It isn't due to being snobby, she just likes to be very persise with her words feeling that they are very important. But when angry she will get short with how she expresses herself. When it comes to her self-confidence? She doesn't think very highly of herself as a whole except when it coes to things she knows. She is aware that she has a nice physical apperance but seeing as she can't "see" it due to her being blind. It doesn't matter as much to her anyways. She is very independent by nature and seems to loathe anyone trying to take command of her life. Though she will let people help her when she knows she cannot take care of herself.

Likes: Swiming, shopping, talking with others, her attemps at independence
Dislikes: Bad questions, loud noises, ignorance

Other Updated: She has slowly developed a heightened awareness of her surroundings. Within a forty foot radius she is fully aware of what's going on.

History: Ivy was born like any other girl. Her parents lived in Metroplis at the time. Her father worked at STAR labs as a technician and her mother worked in a department store. It was a very happy life for her. She enjoyed living in the city with her parents who were very loving towards her.

When she was fifteen she was at the labs with her father one day. They had been talking just outside a lab there was an explosion. And due to the blast radius her father was fine. But she wasn't. There was damage to both retinas and the occular lobe in her brain which is the center in the brain for how images seen are translated into sight. There had also been damage in the nerve endings behind her eyes. This left her completely blinded despite the labs best efforts. She opted to not have any replacement surgery that was available at the time for cybernetic implants. To her it would have been too much despite the fact it was quite possible to have them look quite realistic.

Instead she learned to cope with being blind. But her parents unknowingly made her feel less confident about herself. Mostly due to the fact that her mother over compensated for her daughters blindness and her father tended to act disappointed in her. She reacted poorly to this by trying very hard to improve herself. She just wanted to be better at everything. To show that she could do it. Sometimes she failed due to not being able to physically see things. She suffered in classes in which seeing would be an asset, such as biology and chemistry. This was mostly due to the fact labs were nearly impossible for her to join in on and the alternatives that were provided bored her to tears. But she did graduate high school. As a mostly average student but it wasn't so bad. She was proud of herself.

Ivy was enrolled in Gotham University. She enjoyed it and has taken residence in the city. Yes it is a crime-filled city but she liked the fact that living here has given her some Independence from her family. Though she does have an elderly Uncle who checked in on her and keeps jokingly threatening to make her live in his guest room. He does seem to care for her so Ivy doesn't mind the joking. But things changed. Her Uncle died when she was 21 and left her most of his assets. Around the same time she threw herself into her studies more . She also discovered that due to an incident in which she was poisoned she had a heart condition. It was fixed an she recovered. After she completed her double bachelors’ degrees in pre-law and criminal psychology she went on to law school. She is still currently enrolled in Law school currently and is in her first year there.
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She got home late. The wrap around got tossed over the back of a chair and she shivered from the cold. The pale blue costume hadn't kept her warm either even if her shoulders hadn't even been exposed. The scarf that she had at one point had around her eyes since she had been silly enough to go to the part dressed up as Justice finds it's way to the floor where she is sure a cat will attack it.

She goes into the kitchen and starts to fix herself some tea. It was late and it might warm her up before she changed into something that might get rid of the cold chilling her skin. She shouldn't be so cold, she thought. It hadn't been too bad outside. But now she was smiling to herself.

It wasn't perfect but she... had an offer. It was a good one and it made her want to celebrate. She found the more she smiled while waiting for the water to heat up the less she worried about the chill.

"God, this is great. I just don't know who to tell abut this," Ivy mutters as she reaches up to fiddle with her hair. She did wish she could tell someone. A lump formed in her throat for a moment and then she nearly jumped out of her skin when the kettle whistled loudly. How long had she been standing there?

She grimaced and shook her head while getting her tea bag and finished fixing herself that mug of tea. It was time to think the whole thing over.

Wait what?

Oct. 19th, 2009 12:11 pm
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Ivy had gotten out of class earlier than expected. Then her phone went off and she got bombarded with questions from the matriarch of a family she was somewhat acquainted with in Gotham. They knew her Uncle and had been kind to her when she was still reeling from his death.

So Halloween. She was expected to go to a party. It would be a Saturday after all and it was going to double as a fundraiser for a promising young lawyer who was running for DA next year. Somehow that meant Ivy had to be there to meet him.

And wear a costume of course.

That had Ivy running over a list of what to wear in her mind. Witches and vampires were just too much for the blind woman. She wasn't going to be able to figure this out easily. As she walked o catch the subway back to the closest area she could get to home she started thinking.

She also frowned as much as she usually did. Why on Earth did she get dragged out so often?

It hit her at the third stop on her ride home. The idea had her smile and she would get the number to the shop once she got home. This idea would be fantastic and silly but it would get the job done. She tugged at her hair and continued to form the plan as the sub got closer to her stop.

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Ivy had a long day so she had locked herself in the bathroom to relax. After that she went to flop on her favorite couch. It was comfortable and wide enough that if her pets decided they just had to be with her she wouldn't get buried under a ton of pet hair.

She picked up a remote and pressed a button and the soft cords of a favorite Jazz CD filled the air. She hummed to herself and shut her eyes in a content manner. It was then she felt the young cat climb into her lap. She curled her lip for a moment and relaxed before she reached down to pet him. She had given up on teaching him her lap was not his lap but now she froze because something else had just started to climb up her leg.

She waited then reached over to figure out what this was. A kitten? What the shit is this.

Altair. Ivy demands an explanation for this. After it stops purring and being cute. Ah the big one is getting annoyed. They better not fight over her lap or else she is probably going to get annoyed.
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Passing out into sleep after getting out of one situation face first on her bed then waking up hours latter somewhere else was not a part of the plan. Of course there really hadn't been a plan to start either. Ivy had just known she was tired and had gone straight to bed.

So waking up on what felt like some kind of roof bare foot of all things was not her idea of a good time. She didn't have a cane either so she had to feel around. That helped her figure out she was indeed on a roof.

She did find the fire escape after about twenty minutes she guessed of groping around. Then she decided it didn't feel stable enough so she sat down and sighed patting her pockets down. If she just had a PIN she could use it to get down. That was cheating in the fun way since it would cut down on any terror she might feel. Only she lacked anything that would actually help aside from her wallet perhaps.

She gets up after thinking over her options for a moment so she can explore roof top. She swears vividly when her toe catches painfully on part of a ventilation system. God damn it doesn't quite fill her quota today when it comes to annoyed cursing of things. She finds a wide board that seems to go across top another roof. She's starting to wonder if she can be brave enough to crawl over to the other side. It seems to be about a foot of empty space. She tests how stable it is carefully then decides to play it a little risky. She is up and springs across the board. Nothing bad happened and she has a second roof to check out and see if she can actually get down from it.

This will totally work. She has every confidence. After all she isn't totally helpless or hopeless.
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Part of the next week was spent not thinking about Eliza Moriarty. Ivy instead found herself getting to know people who claimed to know the late department head. She was good at noting that most people who hung out in the department were students and staff.

She also was good at not just paying attention to scuttlebutt. In her talks with others she came to the same line of thought that she was sure others had. The Professor was universally liked as a teacher and as a department head. The school would miss someone like him greatly.

That was when she heard about him being involved in the big clock tower that was built on campus a few years ago. There were stories that some people hadn't want it built for some reason. She was going to figure that out since that made no sense at all, it was a great looking building she had been told.

It also helped that the bells could be heard all over campus. She heard in the main room of the tower that there were some bricks dedicated to the people involved in the project. Getting the names would be handy so she decided to go pay a visit. Getting more information would be very handy.

Of course nothing ever really goes right. More" )


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